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UNO-TRED: One Piece Rubber Stair Tread & Riser, with Matching UNO-TILE

UNO-TREDS are one-piece rubber stair treads and risers. These stair treads are ideal if you're looking to create a uniform and solid professional look on stairs and floors.

We recommend one-piece rubber stair treads to anyone looking for:

  • Cleaner look and easier to clean than traditional two-piece installations.
  • Excellent for schools, churches, hotels, restaurants, threaters, office buildings, apartments, factories, hospitals etc.
  • Easily trimmed to size.
  • Available with matching 24" x 24" floor tile.
  • Recommended for inside use.

Choose #UN1- 901 - UNO-TRED for solid One Piece Rubber Tread & Riser joined together.

Choose #UN2- 988 - UNO-TILE, floor tile for UNO-TRED, one piece stair tread & riser

Choose Adhesives for use on rubber stair treads, risers & floor tile

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Tread & Riser Combos

#UN1 - 901 - Uno-Tred, One Piece Rubber Stair Tread & Riser Combo
Retail Price:$85.40
Our Price:$59.80
Select Length:
Select Color:

Tred & Riser Combo Matching Floor

#UN2 - 988 - Uno-Tile, Rubber Flooring To Match Tread & Riser Combo
  • Matchs color and raised disc pattern of above Uno-Treds
  • #988 raised disc 24" x 24" tile
  • View 200 series colors.
  • Order installation adhesive below.
Retail Price:$48.50
Our Price:$31.75
Select Color:


#110 Epoxy Stair Nose Caulk - Recommended for all stair treads
  • Environmentally friendly.
  • Recommended for all Stair tread installations, particularly rubber treads.
  • Necessary when installing Adjusta-Nose treads or when the step nosing is broken, worn or rounded.
  • Fills voids at the nose of the step and gives needed support underneath the stair tread nose.
  • Quart of 2 part caulk mixes to cover 75 lin. ft. of 1/4" bead.
  • Dual-catridge unit mixes in nozzle; covers 50 lin. ft. of 1/4" bead. Must be used with standard or deluxe dispenser.
Retail Price:$44.40
Our Price:$33.30
Select Quantity or Dispenser:
#300 Water-Based Contact Cement- For Stair Treads & Risers
  • A non-solvent based alternative to install rubber and vinyl stair treads and cove risers to concrete, wood, terrazzo, metal or marble.
  • One gallon covers 75 lineal feet of stair treads
  • 1 quart, 1 gallon and 4 gallon containers.
Retail Price:$30.80
Our Price:$23.10
Select Size:
#400 Neoprene Contact Cement- for stair treads & risers
  • Bonds all Disc-O-Treds, Rubber Stair Treads or Koroseal Vinyl Stair Treads to concrete, pan filled, wood, metal, marble and terrazzo steps.
  • Rapid drying, long range contact cement.
  • Contains solvents, extremely flammable.
  • 1 gallon covers 75 lineal feet of stair treads
  • 1 quart, 1 gallon and 4 gallon containers.
Retail Price:$31.00
Our Price:$23.30
Select Size:
#560 Rubber Floor Cement- for floor tiles or rolls
  • Environmentally Friendly
  • For installing Rubber Floor Tiles or Rolls over suitable on-grade dry concrete floors, suspended concrete floors, or suspended wood floors.
  • Not recommended where excessive moisture exists
  • 1 gallon or 4 gallon cans.
  • Covers 150 square feet per gallon.
Retail Price:$50.00
Our Price:$37.50
Select Size:
#775 Epoxy Adhesive- for Disc-O-Tile & other rubber products
  • Two part environmentally friendly
  • Recommended for Disc-O-Tile & Disc-O-Treads.
  • May be used with other rubber stair treads, tile and flooring.
  • Each unit contains a Part "A" & Part "B" packed in 1 gallon cans to be mixed to produce 1 gallon of adhesive
  • Each unit covers approximately 150 square feet per unit.
Retail Price:$134.40
Our Price:$100.80